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About the Author

Marlon Davies has been a dedicated researcher for more than two decades. After watching his wife suffer for years with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome without finding a solution, he set out to do his own investigation on the source of this illness. Frustrated by the traditional doctors lack of conclusive answers he embarked on a journey that not only evaluated the efficacy of certain natural medicines, but principally he focused on determining the source of this vaginal pandemic that is devastating multiple nations.

Davies has been sharing the conclusions of his findings in the Caribbean, United States, and several countries in Africa for the past five years and has helped scores of women to heal from their vaginal problems by first and foremost making them aware of the source of their issues. His passion and dedication to sharing this healing information is unmatched, he consistently shares his insights with complete strangers in public places. Interestingly, although the topic may seem taboo, his audiences are always receptive, astonished and grateful that he shared with them the results of his research. The receptivity and appreciation of those whom he has taught has inspired him to write this book Zero Fibroids so that he may share this crucial information with the world.

Known for his unparalleled genius, penetrating insights, distilling eloquence, and distinctive voice, those who have been blessed to be in his presence are always awestruck by his wisdom, sincerity and humility.

You will without doubt be impressed by this brief but thorough work of Davies which will greatly assist you on your journey towards Zero Fibroids. Don't hesitate with your health is his constant reminder to all those who are on a path of healing.