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The battle for my womb

I was born to be healthy

Being whole is what makes me wealthy

God made me so beautiful

To protect myself I must be dutiful

I got to find the truth

I have to search for the roots

and reclaim the vibrance of my youth

I'm determined in the absolute

spirits guide me to answer

I'm not going to develop cancer

How did thoughts of hysterectomy

Become my trajectory

Is this my destiny

is this how my life is meant to be

The Doctors have failed me

As this illness ails me

Why me? Why me? Why me?

This echoes in my mind all the time

I been living in despair

to be honest I'm very scared

It's so hard to endure

what should I do, I'm unsure

I just want my health to be pure

I hate you

But did I create you?

In spite of my tears

In spite of my fears

I'm determined to heal

The truth has finally been revealed!